Love, Bonito - Charlie's Angels

Sartorial Styles of The New Charlie’s Angels

The reboot of Charlie’s Angels hits the big screen November 14, 2019. To anyone unfamiliar with the 70’s classic, Charlie’s Angels tells the story of three titular ‘Angels’ working for an enigmatic Charlie Townsend & his spy agency, Townsend Agency. Fighting bad guys while celebrating sisterhood & women working together — it’s the feel-good movie made for 2019. 

Inspired by the spy sisterhood, we’ve put together a fun style guide based on each unique Angel from the new movie — Sabina, Elena & Jane. While we can’t claim to know much about spy gear, we do know a thing or two about style!


Love, Bonito - Charlie's Angels

Credits: Sony Pictures

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Simply leave a comment and tell us which Angel’s style you like best & why.


Read on for our take on each Angel’s personal style.

Elena Houghlin, played by Naomi Scott

Love, Bonito - Charlie's Angels

Credits: Sony Pictures

Meet Elena Houghlin: The innocent girl-next-door who also happens to be a brilliant tech engineer. Her style is sweet & feminine, often sporting soft ruffles, dainty floral prints, and of course, a light-washed denim jacket. There’s easily an Elena in all of us. 


Your Elena Houghlin Starter Kit:

Jaime Ruffle Hem Midi Dress

Jaime Ruffle Hem Midi Dress

SGD 49.90 Dakshi Printed Wrap Dress

Dakshi Printed Wrap Dress

SGD 46.90 Annika Polka Dot Bodycon Dress

Annika Polka Dot Bodycon Dress

SGD 46.90 Stefani Cropped Denim Jacket

Stefani Cropped Denim Jacket

SGD 56.90

Jane Kano, played by Ella Balinska

Love, Bonito - Charlie's Angels

Credits: Sony Pictures

Meet Jane Kano: The fiercely independent, ex-MI6 operative who’s runway-ready in every scene. Her style is bold & adventurous, yet always classy. She’s not afraid of very much, and that includes wearing bright, bold colours. If you love sleek, well-made blazers & co-ord sets, Jane is your new style icon.


Your Jane Kano Starter Kit:

Meisel Shawl Collar Blazer

Meisel Shawl Collar Blazer

SGD 51.90 Meisel Crossover High Waist Pants

Meisel Crossover High Waist Pants

SGD 43.90 Camryn Button Front Blazer

Camryn Button Front Blazer

SGD 59.90 Chelsea Tuxedo Dress

Chelsea Tuxedo Dress

SGD 59.90

Sabina Wilson, played by Kristen Stewart

Love, Bonito - Charlie's Angels

Credits: Sony Pictures

Meet Sabina Wilson: a confident, free spirit unafraid to be herself, who’s also the team’s ultimate wild card. Her style? We’d describe it as effortless grunge. She sports a messy, cropped hairdo and rocks a leather jacket like no other. If you love smoky black eyeliner or wearing black on black & animal prints — Sabina’s your girl.


Your Sabina Wilson Starter Kit:

Audrina Flare Hem A-line Dress in Femme Feline

Audrina Flare Hem A-line Dress in Femme Feline

SGD 43.90 Krissy Cut Off Denim Shorts

Krissy Cut Off Denim Shorts

SGD 39.90 Mona Ripped Straight Leg Jeans

Mona Ripped Straight Leg Jeans

SGD 49.90 Bernelle Printed Wide Leg Jumpsuit

Bernelle Printed Wide Leg Jumpsuit

SGD 59.90

Whether you’re sweet & refined like Elena, a class-act like Jane or an adventurous soul like Sabina, there’s always room for each other. 

Don’t forget to join our giveaway by commenting down below: which Angel’s style you like best & why. You can catch Charlie’s Angels out in cinemas, November 14 (Singapore).


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    1. I love Elena’s style! It’s alike my own. It’s feminine, classy yet doesn’t hides the brilliance of being witty and a women at the same time. Challenges the stereotypical norm of a girl next door and being a smarty pants (;

    2. Ella! Those blazers and high waist pants are tall girls bestfriend!! And of course the name gave her away ❤

  1. I love Jane Kanl’s style because she has such an adventurous and never-say-die spirit which is what I always think of as a Charlie’s Angel!:)) Nothing is impossible for these ladies!;)

  2. Sabina Wilson! She carries both feminine and masculine look which is a very admirable trait which every woman should be able to do so!

    1. Definitely Jane Kano! She is the epitome of the modern woman – independent, confident and ready to take on the world in style.

  3. Jane Kano’s style definitely relates to me because I love experimenting with bold colours but making sure it’s still a sleek and chic look!;)

  4. Sabina Wilson! Love the effortless edge in her look which can we worn everyday. Oozes confidence and attitude too.

  5. Elena! As much as I like a sharp & clean look, there’s something about feminine & soft textures that captures my affection. Her style reminds me that it’s okay to be feminine & soft.

  6. I have to say I love Jane’s look though I tend to dress more like an Elena. Will love to rock a blazer!

  7. Lovin’ Sabina’s look! Her unapologetic style of edge and prints exudes a dun-mess-with-me kinda vibe, which is totes up my alley!

  8. Elena for sure! I love a woman who’s feminine yet confident and sexy all at the same time! Definitely what I aspire to be like 🙂

  9. Sabina wilson! The free spirit and always be herself is definitely what the most important thing a girl shud have to live her live of her own! Like i am my own boss way!

  10. Elena Houghlin! Love the feminine and chic style, suitable for day/night wear and stay true to yourself!

  11. I’m a bit of all three femme fatales combined!

    Some days, I am all about being in touch with my femininity and love dressing up in floral chiffon; other times I get swept away by bold colors & patterns, and am often the only one in the meeting room in color (like bright yellow in a sea of black and grey hues).

    P.S. Really digging the bright orange blazer outfit for Jane Kano!! Profesh yet bursting with personality.

    1. Elena for me! Girly and feminine but obviously still a total badass! I absolutely adore wrap dresses and dresses with a-line skirts cos they’re comfy and gives you the effortlessly chic kinda vibe!

  12. Jane Kano – sleek and always classy is the way to go! Those co-ord sets can also be mixed and matched for days you want to shake it up a bit!

  13. Definitely an Elena! Classic denim jackets can never go wrong ❤️ Effortless styling yet looking put together all at the same time. Way to go, Elena! (-:

  14. Definitely Elena. There is always that girly part of me that falls in love with ruffles and flowers. :)) can’t wait to catch the angels soon with the LB community.

    1. Elena is me. Love me some florals and my signature denim jacket that I wear with everything from crop tops and high-rise trousers to dresses and pleated skirts. Although, Sabrina (Kristen Stewart) is my ultimate girl crush so it’s safe to say that she (and her style) is my favorite! 😜

  15. I am obviously Sabrina Wilson! Sabrina is such a beauty and yet mysterious. She has her own style and she isn’t afraid to show it to the whole world. I may not be as confident as her yet but I am definitely on my way to be more like her! ❤️

  16. I would be an Elena style in most of my daily picks. Utmost comfy and smart casual are my work wear and sweet chic during weekends.

  17. Sabina for sure — if only I could dress like this style at work though! This style managed to balance comfort with edgy style, which I really like.

  18. Elena’s style! I really love the feminine and chic style that always looks so Sunday-brunch ready and modest. Would love to win this!

  19. Definitely Sabina Wilson’s Style! Her confidence to be unapologetically herself is so inspiring and relatable! It can be hard at times to be who you are and I’m always trying to remind myself that I don’t have to please everyone or make anyone one like me the way I am. I’m recently loving animal prints so much and so loving every bit of Sabina’s style!!

  20. Jane Kano! It’s all about being fiercely independent yet exude femininity. You can never go wrong with a blazer – professional, independent and feisty. Pair it with a silky top and long straight pants, you’re good to go for a date!

  21. Jane is definitely my style icon in Charlie’s Angels! Her style manages to somehow balance conservative and adventurous at the same time and this combination is my definition for a classy outfit. 2 thumbs and 2 toes up!

  22. My pick is obviously Sabina Wilson!! Love the grunge look and interesting bold statement pieces! Work it gurl!

  23. I love Jane’s style. Besides looking effortlessly chic, she can be versatile as well. A sleek matching set can be dressed casual with your go-to white sneakers, and glammed up instantly with a pair of stilettos. Classy.

  24. Elena! I’m always drawn to floral prints and ruffles whenever I’m in a store! Love the feminine dainty demure look.. 🙂

  25. Elena without a doubt! Can’t get enough of florals and ruffles. Details I like to include into my personal everyday style.

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