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Pregnancy Style 101: Top Maternity Bottoms for Every Mom


Early into your pregnancy, bottoms are the first item in your wardrobe that will need replacing. In fact, many expecting moms entirely disregard bottoms as a viable wardrobe option. While you can still get by with relaxed tops & stretchy tees, you’ll soon realize that you won’t be able to zip or button up your go-to shorts & pants anymore.

Enter: adjustable bottom bands. 

For the mama who loves her shorts & pants and doesn’t want to give it up, adjustable bottom bands offer the best solution. Maternity bottoms aim to be flexible, adjustable and should be made of soft fabrications for your sensitive skin. With the larger bump, maternity pants have a flexible and more contoured/curved waistband where the front rise is lower to sit comfortably under the belly. 


Types of Adjustable Bottom Bands

From free & uninhibited to fully secure – these bands adjust to growing with your belly. Read on to learn which waistband best suit your needs.

Love, Bonito - Pregnancy Style 101

1. Elastic covered in soft jersey

This band sits right under your bump. Perfect for moms who want to feel free & unrestrained.  The band comes finished with a soft jersey surface, ensuring all-round comfort, especially if you have sensitive skin. 

Best suited for: all trimesters & post-pregnancy


2. Elastic band

Similar to the first, this elastic band also sits right under your bump. Get a pair of shorts or pants with a stretchy elastic band early into your pregnancy — it’ll be a lifesaver during the queasy and bloated first trimesters. High quality elastic is used to ensure a good hold while providing enough stretch to grow with you. 

Best suited for: all trimesters & post-pregnancy


3. Elastic with drawstring

Our jogger styles come with an adjustable drawstring along with the elastic band allowing you to adjust the pants to your own comfort and changing shape. The elastic waistband should sit below your bump.

Best suited for: all trimesters & post-pregnancy


4. Over the belly band  with adjustable elastic inside the waistband

One of the most customisable options on the list: it features an over-belly band for extra grip and security, with an adjustable elastic neatly tucked inside the waistband. Depending on how your body is changing, you can adjust the elastic to tighten or loosen. A great post-partum option as well!

Best suited for: 2nd trimester onwards



5. Over the belly band

When you are entering your third trimester, you might be afraid that your pants won’t stay in place properly. Say goodbye to constantly having to pull up or adjust your pants: The over-the-belly band is made of a super-soft, smooth jersey that will help keep the pants in place and make you feel fully secure.

Best suited for: 2nd trimester onwards

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