Love, Bonito - Pregnancy Style 101

Pregnancy Style 101: How To Dress For Your Trimester

Now that we’ve covered how to dress for your own personal style & how you want to feel during the journey — we’re jumping into something a little closer to your needs. As your baby grows, the clothes you wear will also need to suit your changing body. While we design our maternity wear to be suitable for your entire pregnancy (and beyond!), we also understand that it can get overwhelming for a first-time mom to figure out & anticipate the changing needs of your body.

Read on for our guide on exactly what to look out for at each trimester. 


1st Trimester

Bottoms are generally the first wardrobe item that needs replacing. We recommend shorts & pants that come with a stretchy lower belly band as a start. These are easy, pull-on styles that will come in handy when you no longer want to deal with the hassle of buttons.


2nd Trimester

Most moms “pop” around 12-16 weeks in, during the early weeks of the 2nd trimester. It’s also the awkward stage where you’re starting to show, yet you’re not quite ready to reveal to the world that you’re expecting. Here, we recommend drapey & relaxed styles to hide your bump while providing maximum comfort.

2nd Trim

3rd Trimester

This is the point when your wardrobe options are down to the last baggy dress that can still fit over your burgeoning bump. Breezy kaftan dresses or stretchy, maternity bodycon numbers will be your go-to’s in the last trimester.

3rd Trim

Comfort is also everything at this stage. Other than finding the right fit, you’ll want to look out for the right fabric that doesn’t irritate your skin or feel stuffy. We sift through hundreds of fabrics to find the perfect one that offers the best touch & feel — ensuring that it’s soft enough for you to live in all day.


Love, Bonito - Pregnancy Style 101

The reality is: it takes time to bounce back to your pre-baby body after giving birth. While you take time off to recuperate and regain your strength & energy, you’ll want to wear fuss-free, easy-to-wear pieces that are also nursing-friendly.

Pro-tip: You should invest in these nursing-friendly pieces early, even before you deliver. They’ll definitely come in handy while you’re getting the hang of your new lil’ bub.


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