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Pregnancy Style 101: Embracing Your Baby Bump

Amidst the excitement and celebration, every pregnancy comes with its fair share of confusion and frustration. Finding the right maternity styles and flattering fit can go a long way in helping us feel comfortable & confident in our changing bodies . We’ve pulled together top tips from real-life mamas & our resident designers of the Embrace maternity line to bring you a comprehensive guide to pregnancy style.

Part 1: Embracing Your Baby Bump
Part 2: How To Dress For Your Trimester
Part 3: Maternity Bottoms Every Mom Needs
Part 4: Guide To Nursing-Friendly Pieces 

Every mother & every pregnancy is unique — that is why we’re dedicating our first segment to helping you achieve the look & feel that YOU are most comfortable with.

Let’s dive in by completing this sentence:
“I want to feel…”
  1. Effortless & Free

If you want to feel unrestrained as your body changes, yet still look put together throughout pregnancy, pick out dresses that offer a more relaxed fit.

Effortless and free

Many of our relaxed styles are also work-appropriate — taking you from work to after-work seamlessly.

Loose Fit

Pieces without a defined waistline will also help you conceal your bump until you’re ready for the big reveal 😉


  1. Fitted & Sleek

If you’d like to flaunt the bump while looking sharp, opt for more fitted bodycon styles. These silhouettes also give you an easy starting point to layer with outwear & other accessories. 

Fitted and Sleek copy

Bodycon styles from our Embrace Maternity line are made of fabrics that are extra stretchy, designed to accentuate your curves while still holding you in.

Tight Fit
  1. Versatile & Fluid 

We get it, no two days in your pregnancy are the same. Our Embrace Maternity line was designed to suit your changing needs (& preferences). Cinched or loose? Cold-shoulder or camisole? Versatile, multi-way styles allow you to take your pick, depending on your mood. 


With all the options available, it can seem overwhelming. Our guiding principle when it comes to shopping for maternity wear is simply to go with what makes you feel best.

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Shop the look:

Fijalia Camisole Maxi Dress

Fijalia Camisole Maxi Dress

SGD 49.90 Caoimhe Ruched T-shirt Dress

Caoimhe Ruched T-shirt Dress

SGD 49.90 Illia Pleated Swing Dress

Illia Pleated Swing Dress

SGD 49.90 Katya Kaftan Dress

Katya Kaftan Dress

SGD 46.90 Twyla Bodycon Wrap Dress

Twyla Bodycon Wrap Dress

SGD 49.90 Maizel Ribbon Tie Shorts

Maizel Ribbon Tie Shorts

SGD 39.90 Brenna Ruffle Hem Gingham Dress

Brenna Ruffle Hem Gingham Dress

SGD 46.90 Frenel Ruch Detail T-Shirt

Frenel Ruch Detail T-Shirt

SGD 23.90 Aiyana Pleated Multi-way Top

Aiyana Pleated Multi-way Top

SGD 43.90

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