Trendspotting: Pretty in Pastels

There’s something delicious about pastel. Even the word pastel sounds yummy, like a dessert; a picture of soft, sweet hues of cotton candy pink, baby blues, fresh mint and creamy lemon.

We can all admit our eyes have been drawn, more than once, to those cute lilac pants on the rack; it takes all the self-control we have not to add it to our carts impulsively. But the inevitable second-guessing begins: “Can I really pull this off?”, “I don’t have anything that goes with this colour!” or even “I’ll never have a chance to wear this”.

To save you from having a full-on pastel meltdown, we’ve put together a super easy guide on how to look pretty in pastels - we believe these girly hues have been severely overlooked, are totally accessible for everyday wear and can remain fashionably chic without ever looking like the Easter bunny.


pastel-3 PICS (PORTRAIT)

Cheatcode: the easiest way to work pastels into your casual day outfit is with light wash denim (it was right under our nose all this time!). For those who find pastels initially daunting, ease into it with your favourite pair of light wash jeans (like a good pair of baby blue mom jeans) styled with your favourite white top. Alternatively, give your jeans a break and top off your outfit with a light wash denim jacket. These light wash denim pieces give your whole ensemble a wash of soft baby blue hues; perfectly easy on the eyes.


pastel-Artboard 1

Ready for more colour? Start off with just one statement pastel piece. Be it a trendy outerwear, sleek pair of tailored pants, or a cute pencil skirt; pairing pastels with basic, pieces help the colours shine. We recommend keeping it simple with a crisp, white shirt; nothing that will steal the show from your candy-coloured piece.


pastel-Artboard 2

Think head-to-toe in one colour. The end result is often a chic, elevated look with refined class. If #styleicon Meghan Markle does it, it must be true! If you’re worried about finding the right matching pieces, co-ord sets make the monochrome life easy and fuss-free. Give it a go with our latest blazerand shorts co-ord set. See, pastels can be a breeze.


pastel-Artboard 2 copy

We’re now entering into pastel nirvana. Mixing pastels might seem challenging, but when done right, it creates a soft, romantic, yet bold look. Pastel colours often complement each other, which makes pairing a lot easier than we think.

Here are our top tips for mixing and matching different pastel hues:

  1. The first rule of colour blocking: opt for clean, straight lines. Try this top, tucked neatly into a skirt. Stay away from complicated cuts, intricate details and over-the-top draperies when going for a pastel-on-pastel look.
  2. Stick to a maximum of 2 different shades in one outfit. Pair this dress with a small pastel-coloured sling bag for a start. When you think you’ve mastered the art of 2 shades, you can introduce more pastel colours by getting playful with your accessories.

Ready to try these styles out yourself? We’ve put together a whole list of pastel pieces for you to start experimenting here. Remember to snap a photo (against a candy-coloured wall, duh) and tag us @iwearlovebonito and #LBOOTD!

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