Expectations vs Reality: What Really Happens at a Fashion Shoot

Expectation: Naturally gorgeous, glamorous models without a single hair out of place, wearing beautiful clothes, posing against picturesque backdrops. Easy.


We’ve all seen the large billboards, the Instagram posts, the two-page spreads in magazines at your hairdresser. Fashion continues to perpetuate its glossy image of being the most glamorous industry around; perhaps you’ve even daydreamed about what it’s like to be a model, trying on beautiful clothes and working your Tyra-inspired ‘smize’ in front of the camera (we know only because we do it, too).

From the clothes to the models and photography, the end result of these shoots are often nothing less than, well, astounding works of art. But really, what does it take to produce these iconic shots? What goes on behind the scenes in order to nail that one, perfect photo?


We decided to give you a sneak peek into the creative process here at Love, Bonito. Our latest collection, titled, ‘Free Spirit’, hold pieces that embody just that – the bold, uninhibited, adventurous energy that Summer rekindles, and inspires. Drawing from elements of earth and fire, the collection features a palette of warm tones, full, sweeping maxis or midis; sartorial stripes and a shadow of femininity conveyed through delicate, sheer florals. The editorial fashion shoot had the tall task of capturing the essence of a Free Spirit, delivering a pictorial story of that life force, one that’s ready to step out into the Summer light.

With that in mind, our immensely talented team of creatives got to work.


Go ahead, take a second to bask in the glory of these delectable photos. Feel free to add these pieces to your cart too (your secret’s safe with us).

But before we get caught up in the end-product and forget about the process (again), here’s an exclusive look at what went on behind the scenes at our shoot for Free Spirit – the hard work, the sweat, and undoubtedly, the teamwork and vital role each person needs to play.

Disclaimer: No horses were harmed in the making!

See, the reality of fashion is not unlike the hard truths of life: that what you see isn’t always what you get, and what it takes is always a bunch of hard (HEART) work. From hours under the blazing sun, to constant touch-ups and hair fixing, to endless outtakes and retakes (and uncooperative horses chewing on grass when they need to be posing for the camera!); nothing in life comes easy. To capture that one iconic image that you’ll see plastered across billboards, an image that brings an entire fashion collection to life, takes lots of literal sweat and a few metaphorical tears.

But in the face of unforgiving conditions and many unexpected curveballs, we are proud to say that the final images are always worth it (having a great team makes it way easier, too). These photos (hopefully!) give you a peek into the minds of our designers, the thought we pour into conceptualising our clothes, and of course, the things we see and experience in the world that inform and inspire our creations.

In the final analysis, we do it all for you – and we hope you love it as much as we do.

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