It’s April: I am ________.

Remember the amazing denim campaign we launched just a couple of weeks back? We got the chance to shoot with 5 incredible, real women. Some call them models; we prefer to call them role models.


Women who pursue their passions in life, love what they do, and more importantly, have a healthy relationship with themselves — embracing their different shapes, sizes and personalities.

While on the shoot, we thought it’d be fun to play a little game with them — we’ll call it a social experiment. In the spirit of being “limitless” (AKA the theme of our #myLBDenim campaign), we asked them to use any three words in the known dictionary to fill in the blank, describing themselves: I am ________.

Wanna find out what words they used? Watch the full video:

This little social experiment taught us something simple, but incredibly profound: words have power. We’ve all probably heard some variation of this truth. From Oprah to Chopra, the transformative power of our internal dialogue is a topic that’s been well covered.

The words we use on ourselves have an immense psychological impact, whether we realize it or not. Science has long proven that self-affirmation is not only an aid to combat stress, but using positive language can even boost your overall health.

It’s not what you say, but how you say it.

If you’ve watched the video, you’ll notice the words these ladies used to describe themselves aren’t necessarily positive – in some cases, they could even be misconstrued as negative:

Jasmine: “I am shy.”
Dipna: “I am a housewife.”
Anita: “The world’s biggest klutz.”
Iman: “I am weird.”
Anmarie: “I am different.”

Here’s when we realized something… it’s not so much about the words we use any more, but the TONE that we’re using towards ourselves. It imbues words with new meaning and reframes them as something other than what they could be.

Listen carefully to how these ladies say it: when spoken with compassion, “housewife” shifts from frumpy, non-profit obligation to the world’s noblest profession. Being “different” now means “ever-evolving”, or “ever-changing”, not outcasted or shunned. “Weird” is a badge we should wear proudly; being comfortable in our own skin. Even words like “klutz” or “shy” tell us that you aren’t afraid to reveal your true self.

Practise makes perfect.

The thing is, for most of us, we’re made of positive & negative thoughts — kind of like the cartoon angel and demon sitting on either side of your shoulder, feeding you opposing opinions. Ignoring the negative thoughts doesn’t mean they’ll go away. We so often fall prey to the trap of futile repetition; chanting positive messages at ourselves in the mirror, thinking that if we repeat it enough, we can pretend the bad thoughts don’t exist.

Rather than ignoring the existence of something, we say, FACE THEM HEAD-ON: only, be sure to face them with the right tone.

Here’s a little guide we use…
Speak to yourself like you would when you’re:
    • Comforting a small, frightened child that there are no monsters under the bed
    • Reminding a girlfriend that she doesn’t need a man to tell her she’s beautiful
    • Promising an aged parent that you’ll take care of them
    • Reassuring a loved one that they are not alone
Like a muscle, we need to exercise and train our thoughts and tone to be warmer and kinder towards ourselves. For a start, we suggest penning down some positive affirmations and healthy self-talk. Let’s be honest: there are days when we can’t find one nice thing to say about ourselves, and that’s when we need something to fall back on; like a love letter to ourselves. Little by little, these small habits can lead to profound changes in the way you see yourself — the great, the flaws and everything in between.

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