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Remember when we asked you guys on Instagram last week about your dream summer travel destinations? The results are in and it looks like Bali, Hawaii, Hokkaido, Taiwan and The Maldives are at the top of your wanderlust wishlists. We can definitely relate – won’t even try to pretend we’re not zoning out at our desks right now, dreaming of our next vacation.

So we thought we’d put together a travel guide for you (and us). But not just another generic one that tells you everything you probably already know (there’s enough of those on the Internet). Mainstream activities and tourist attractions are overrated in our books, we’re always after something a little out of the ordinary. Luckily for us, we’re surrounded by travel-obsessed individuals here at LB HQ – so we asked our co-workers (you know them as #teamLB) to share their very own experiences and best advice to get the most out of your next getaway.

A pro-tip from us before you dive in: bookmark this page because you’re gonna want to revisit these pointers!

Location: Bali

Who are you?
Olivia, Regional Performance Marketing Executive What kind of traveller are you?
Super chill, no itinerary kinda traveller – I’m always down to try new things! But really, it’s the company that matters most. Why do you travel?
To escape from this tiny island! Whenever I travel, I love to immerse myself fully in the country and place and always leave with brand new experiences. Favourite thing about Bali?
The fact that everyone is SO happy and hospitable! Number 1 must-do/must-see?
Local food: Made’s Warung (sooo good!) & Restaurant Locavore
Shopping: Biasa (local brand) & Wanderlust Swim (their bikinis are the best!) & Escalier at Potato Head for the best printed shirts
Fave area to chill out: Canggu
Beach clubs: Finns Beach Club (if you wanna paaarty) & Sundays beach club (crazy clean & clear waters!) Tips & Tricks:
JUST DO IT. Bali’s awesome 365 days a year (minus monsoon season)! P.S. Sign up for flight deal notifications for serious discounts.

Location: Hawaii

Who are you?
Denise, Assistant Content Manager What kind of traveller are you?
I’m a go-with-the-flow kind of traveller. I don’t always have an itinerary, I love meeting locals and asking them for recommendations on where to go, what to eat – I think that’s the best way to avoid tourist traps and truly experience a country. Why do you travel?
Travelling enlarges my perspective. It reminds me of my smallness in an expansive world; I think once in a while we need to remember that the world is much bigger, much greater than our own lives & circumstances. Favourite thing about Hawaii?
Ugh, I can’t just choose one?!? The sunsets in Hawaii are hard to beat though… oh, and the fresh tuna everywhere. YUM. Number 1 must-do/must-see?
In Oahu, Waikiki is the most famously known beach area, but I personally did not enjoy it – way too touristy. My favourite area in Oahu is the Hawaii Kai area, Waimanolo Beach has the SOFTEST WHITE SAND I have felt in my life; it was completely uncrowded, unlike Waikiki.

Favourite hikes: Makapu’u lighthouse hike – gentle but scenic, good for beginners or if you’re up for the challenge, do Kokohead Trail – it’s killer and takes about 2 hours but SO REWARDING. Go before sunset, and watch the sun go down from the peak.

Going up to the North Shore area is worth the drive, if just for the food. People love the garlic shrimp at Giovanni’s Shrimp Truck, but the lesser-known coconut macadamia nut shrimp from Seven Brothers won my heart.

Turtle Bay is known for being able to see endangered, Hawaiian green sea turtles, but I saw nothing there! If you head to Laniakea Beach, however, there are TONS of sea turtles just lounging on the shores or swimming in the shallow waters: total bucket list experience.

Tips & Tricks:
Hawaii is the BEST for beach hopping and hikes, would highly suggest renting a car to maximise your time – the buses are not expensive but so irregular. For car rental a local company that’s not one of the big well-known brands often offer much better rates!

Location: Hokkaido

Who are you?
Tingzhi, Design Consultant What kind of traveller are you?
Laidback and easy-going – the more spontaneous the better! Must-dos: try out the local cuisine and top places to eat, it’s the best way to discover a country’s culture! Why do you travel?
I love how it inspires me – the people (I have a thing for people-watching!), place, nuances, even just the air. Favourite thing about Hokkaido?
The POWDER snow! OR the seafood! So fresh. And of course, Sapporo Beer! Omg, so refreshing. Number 1 must-do/must-see?
Probably not at the top of your list (yet), but Hokkaido’s airport New Chitose is LIKE NO OTHER. If we’re talking about redefining experiences, O-M-G. People are known to spend an entire day there just exploring (and shopping!) before their flight – I’m telling you, it was just delight after delight! There’s an entire basement of authentic Hokkaido desserts, Royce’ Chocolate World (an actual production factory with glass walls for you to look in and catch the chocolate-making action), an outdoor onsen (a.k.a a hot spring), a cinema… the list goes on. Google it and thank me later! Tips & Tricks:
Hmm… go with an open mind, and an empty stomach for all the yummy food! And be prepared to wrap up if you’re going end-of-year – the snow’s beautiful but it’s freeeeezing.

Location: Taiwan

Who are you?
Daph, Senior Merchandiser What kind of traveller are you?
I’m a solo traveller! I love creating special little moments exclusive to me and wherever I am. Why do you travel?
I travel to see how different yet similar people are. True to my empathetic nature, I travel to observe people do the things I do back home (haha) and to experience the locals’ real culture stripped of all touristy pseudonyms. Favourite thing about Taiwan?
The Taiwanese!!! They’re the warmest bunch of people – super easy-going and hospitable. Number 1 must-do/must-see?
Well, for starters, unlimited bubble tea (duh)! Try the hot version of Tiger Sugar’s brown sugar boba milk. My friends were very impressed. And when it’s chilly, a piping hot bowl of Ay-Chung Rice Noodles is all you’re going to want. Make a trip to Eslite Bookstore in Xinyi District! I love getting lost in the aesthetic and design of the store – it’s seriously stunning. Shopping at Taipei’s East District is awesome too. The area comes alive at night and I love (fashion) people-watching there. Tips & Tricks:
If you want to catch the cherry blossoms in full bloom, February to April is the time! And while you’re at it, enjoy hot spring baths while the weather’s still cold. Also, get yourself a EasyCard for convenient access to their buses, metro, trains, and even ferries. Check, check, check, and check. Transportation’s all set! Make sure you bring along an eco bag for (repeated) convenience store runs too! The Taiwanese are an eco-conscious bunch. Plus, we should all do our part in leaving minimal carbon footprint too, right?

Location: The Maldives

Who are you?
Gen, People Executive What kind of traveller are you?
I can’t do anything completely spontaneous – the flight and accommodations HAVE to be booked at least THREE months in advance just so I can ensure I get the best prices available (#kiasu). But whenever I see cheap flight deals, I impulsively grab the tickets and think about the consequences later. Why do you travel?
I travel to see the world, and also to revisit places I love (like JAPAN!). I love taking in my first glimpses of the country (literally from the moment I get out of the airport) because I feel those are the real sights to see (not just some highly photoshopped image on Google). Favourite thing about The Maldives?
The waters!!! They’re so blue and clear – I can even see harmless baby sharks and stingrays swimming near my feet. If you’re a fan of diving, the visibility is amazing too (you may even spot a Whale Shark!!!) It’s the perfect place for a restful holiday – I was constantly on a swim-nap-eat-sleep cycle. Number 1 must-do/must-see?
Definitely splurge on a water villa – the experience is crazy amazing! I could catch sunrises and sunsets right at my doorstep, suntan all day long and when it’s too hot, just throw myself into the waters to cool off. Tips & Tricks
PILE ON THE SUNBLOCK AND BODY LOTION. Bring a float and a GoPro with you too (rent if you must)! Trust me, it’s worth it. If you’re on a budget, skip the conventional resorts and try visiting local islands (like Maafushi) instead! The activities and accommodations, there are so much cheaper. But take note: Maafushi, Malé (capital of the Maldives), and many other parts of the Maldives that aren’t as commercialised are HIGHLY CONSERVATIVE – it’s best to prepare some cover-ups if you’re planning to hit up those places and also, do your research!

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