DENIM 101: Your Guide to LB Denim

From elasticity, to fabric, to care & style tips: you’ve got questions, we’ve got answers.

In this episode, we’ll be sharing how to make your jeans last forever, and how to know which pair is for you based on your preference for stretch, fit & comfort.


Honestly? The less you wash your jeans, the better! (yes, you heard us right!)

The nature of denim is that this fabric cleverly ‘hides’ dirt, so we recommend spot cleaning your jeans instead. Less frequent washing will also prevent fading of your denim and potential shrinkage (more on this under point 3!).

To spot clean, simply use a cotton bud with water and a mild, liquid detergent to clean directly on any stains.

The important thing to remember: embrace the ageing of your jeans. Wear & tear really adds character to denim and and helps them to truly become your own.

The worn look is still very much a trend! Mix & match a thrifted denim jacket, or a pair of jeans that your grandma wore in the 70s with newly bought pieces – trust us, it’s a LOOK. DENIM2INSTA RESPONSES 1_2

When you eventually do need to wash your denim, turn your jeans inside out and wash in cold water (why cold? See point 3 below). Hang to dry.

Be careful about washing different shades of denim together: the dye from a darker jean may affect a lighter jean. We always recommend washing clothes of the same tone/colour together.


We hate when people say “It depends”, but in this case… It really does depend on the specific type of denim!

Non-stretch denim, which is the fabric we use to get that cool, effortless, vintage-y look in our CulottesBoyfriend jeansMom jeansA-line skirt, and Dungarees, tends to shrink when washed. That’s why we recommend washing in cold water: the warmer the water, the more they tend to shrink.

The stretchier denims (used in our Skinny jeans, Kick Flare and midi skirt) can feel slightly tighter after washing, but stretches back quite quickly after a couple hours of wear.


NOPE! If cared for properly (think back to points 1-3), your jeans should not have furring.

However, we feel the need to point out how some pieces in our Denim line are not actual denim, but a chambray-inspired Lyocell fabric — as seen in our soft, breezy dresses like this shirt dress, this wrap dress and this cross-back dress.

Lyocell is just like most other fabrics, which may have the tendency to fur over time, depending on a myriad of factors from how well you care for it, to the amount of wear & tear it’s put through.

Inexpensive defuzzing combs can help with furring problems (and would also work on knitwear). DENIM5INSTA RESPONSES 1_2

This varies a lot in LB’s Denim collection.

Currently, ALL of our jeans are pre-washed. This means they’ve been “treated” to make them softer than the original, very stiff feel of raw, denim fabric. This is common in the industry, and something we opted for since we knew we wanted our pieces to fit you like a glove, to feel so comfortable you’d want to live in them.

Our stretchier jeans like the Skinnies and Kick Flare are from a range of cotton/elastane or cotton/polyester/elastane blends, which makes them very elastic and medium soft.

Our non-stretch jeans (as referenced in point 3) like the CulottesMom JeansBoyfriend Jeans and Dungaree styles are made from 100% Cotton, Cotton/Polyester or Cotton/Viscose/Polyester blends.

The non-stretch styles will give you the more classic, rigid look of denim that ages like good wine, and will ensure these pieces remain enduring staples in your wardrobe forever. DENIM1INSTA RESPONSES 1_2

Similar to the earlier question, here’s a summary!

As a general rule, our fitted styles have stretch, the more relaxed styles have very little or no stretch. For example, the Skinnies and Kick Flarehave elastane fibres which allows the fabric to be very stretchy whereas the Culottes, Mom Jeans, Boyfriend Jeans and Dungaree styles have no stretch.

We got former professional Ballet dancer, Alison Carroll to put our Skinnies to the ultimate stretch test!

We recommend our Culottes for a bottom and thigh heavier person: they give a nice flared leg from the hip down, accentuate your waistline, and just looks all-round amazing.

Our Mom jean also gives a gorgeous hourglass shape (see more below on point 8). But don’t forget: what you pair with your denim can make a huge difference. If you love to wear Skinnies, we say DO IT – but style it with a pair of killer heels for a more sleek & slimming look.


Re-gram of the stunning Anita Kapoor wearing our Anna Culotte Jeans!


The Mom jean does not necessarily make you look shorter since it has a high rise with a contoured waist that elongates the legs! Our petite customers actually love this style.

It can, however, give you a more hourglass silhouette with the illusion of having a smaller waist and more volume at the hip. Personally, we find this super womanly.


YOU BET! This is the easiest rise to pull off, on a diverse range of body types. It elongates your legs, can help hide any food babies and provide coverage at the back – avoiding any uncomfortable gaps.

However, we won’t just be doing high-rise styles – here at LB, there’s something for everyone. We’ve got a mid-rise silhouette launching end-February and we think you’re gonna love!

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