It’s February: A Month of Refreshing

Spring has officially sprung: the seasons are changing, fashion trends are changing, and yes… our blog is changing too!

We’ve got some new surprises coming to this space and we can’t wait to unveil them. For starters, you can look forward to a new theme every month, driving various topics of discussion that are (hopefully!) important to you, her, and me – the everyday woman trying to live her best life.

This is a shared space for us to explore these topics together. So, we’ll be roping in ALL OF YOU, and other amazing women who bring their life experiences & expertise, to share their knowledge with us. You know how there are co-working spaces nowadays? Think of our blog as a co-writing/co-learning space, for us to grow as individuals in community. Yup, that’s not a typo.


To kick off the series in the month of February, we settled on the theme: Refresh!

‘Cos let’s be honest — the start of a new year can be kinda rough. We never fully recover from the holiday rush of Christmas; we party a little too hard over New Year and we dive into January’s hectic schedule feeling frazzled, out of sync and frankly, already worn out – and 2019 has only just begun.

We get it.

But we’ve discovered a little life hack to getting over the “new year blues”, and all it takes is a small shift in perspective.
Instead of treating January as your “fresh start”, say hello to February!

But first, a deep breath. Now calm your mind and picture February as when your year truly begins: after having had some time to settle down into new routines, recalibrate your new year resolutions (to be actually realistic and achievable) and are ready to start afresh.

We’ll start first by addressing the recent Chinese New Year festivities. Let’s not be so hard on ourselves – CNY is meant to be celebrated feasting with family and loved ones. The detox can come after, and we can work on this together, with the help of a couple of key tips from the experts over at The Nutrition Clinic. Stay tuned!

Also, anyone else think the concept of Valentine’s Day needs a serious refresh? V-day should be a day not just for couples, but a day to give love & receive love. Especially to yourself; we’ll get a discussion rolling on just how to do that too.

Oh, and you may want to keep your eyes peeled for a little inspiration on this evergreen classic we like to call D E N I M: which you probably already own, but haven’t had the time to consider its infinite style possibilities. This month, we’ll reimagine new ways to wear denim together – get ready to see your denim pieces in a new & refreshed light.


We can’t wait!

Tell us if there’re any other topics you’d like us to discuss, or what Refresh means to you, or what you’re thinking needs a serious reboot.

We’re journeying together with you.

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