Real Weddings In LB: Kareen Teo

If you’ve ever typed “wedding theme inspiration” or “best wedding colours” into Google search – you’re not alone. We’ve been there, or we’ve seen our best girlfriends panic over the same hard-to-make decisions. We figured there’s no better way to find inspiration or new ideas than to ask those who have gone before us.

Introducing: Real Weddings in LB, where we feature real women who have put together the most amazing, beautifully themed weddings – and have emerged to share their tips & tricks to truly enjoy the planning process.

Meet Kareen Teo, whose ‘garden in a hotel’ wedding struck the perfect balance between modern and rustic, between dream-like fairytale and urban classy. If you’re wondering how to find your ideal garden wedding in a bustling city like Singapore – and finding the perfect colours to match – read on!

KAREEN TEOPage Assets Q: Tell us a little bit more about your wedding colours/theme.
We decided to have our wedding lunch at PARKROYAL on Pickering and the building is known for its ‘hotel in a garden’ design/concept. The venue helped to set the overall wedding theme – since we were making use of the garden setting, we decided to go for something less formal, light and bright. A pastel blue-mint
shade would suit just that. Q: What was the inspiration behind them?
I looked through social media and various wedding websites, but also discussed with my bridesmaids on the kind of dresses they would like to wear. After gathering all that information, I concluded on a colour with multiple designs so as to have that variation and effect. Most importantly, each of my bridesmaids could take home and own a piece of their choice which they really love. Q: How did you decide on your wedding venue?
We wanted to have a lunch banquet, so a venue with lots of natural daylight was crucial. The look we wanted was big, open space, so the ballroom had to be pillar-less
too. We really wanted to evoke a beautiful garden setting, as opposed to a typical corporate function space. With these requirements in mind, we quickly decided on PARKROYAL on Pickering. Q: We’re so honoured to have been a part of your special day! Why did you decide to buy LYLAS for your bride tribe?
I have been wearing pieces from Love, Bonito for the past 5 years. I love the designs and quality of LB pieces and I wanted the same for my bridesmaids, so the LYLAS Collection came to my mind instantly. art_6644 Q: Celebrating your big day means making tons of decisions. What was your favourite part of the planning experience?
My favourite part would probably be selecting suitable gowns for our photo shoot at Mount Bromo, where we got to catch the sunrise, see the milky way, ride horseback –
all while battling sandy weather and the cold up on the mountains! Q: What did you not like about the planning experience & how did you work through it?
As my husband was an Indonesian (he got his citizenship recently), our families had very different beliefs and customs. That was tricky –  but it helped that both families
were very understanding and that helped us to sort things out quickly. Q: You and your hubby are adorable! Who was the most nervous on the big day?
We were both more excited than nervous on our big day, but we were indeed worried that we might have missed things out for the wedding. I was also worried that I might
cry during the speech! Thankfully, my husband decided to do powerpoint slides the night before to help us remember our lines, and keep the speech lighthearted. Q: If you could relive any moment during your wedding day, which would it be?
I have enjoyed every single moment of the wedding from the planning to the actual day. With the elegant gowns, great photos, awesome guests, delicious food, wonderful
live band and beautiful setting… Everything was perfect. Can I relive the whole wedding again? art_6575 Q: Any final tips for other brides-to-be? 
I think a couple needs to be very sure what sort of experience they really want. For us, we wanted an indoor venue with an outdoor setting to achieve that garden ‘mood’. So with that theme in mind, we could plan everything else. Also, don’t forget to rest and relax, and take at least the week before the wedding to pamper yourself. Go for a facial, manicure, pedicure, whatever you like, and you’ll definitely be a radiant bride!

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Kareen’s wedding photos were captured by Shin from Arture Photography.
(Instagram: @arture_photography, Website:

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