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SOUL SISTERS: A Valentine’s Day with May & Choy

Art Direction & Text by Nicole Then | Photography by Shavonne Wong | Hair & Make Up by Phoebe | Styling by Zafirah Hassan | Media Relations by April Hoon

May is wearing Covet Regine Romper in Burgundy ( | Choy is wearing Adela Dress (

May came into the studio, tribe in tow, and no, not the lindsay lohan type of entourage of make up artist, stylist and what not but with her adorable girls and mom. I was immediately sold, a hot mama who juggles work and motherhood? My heart fills with admiration and I do a silent salute while I conjure up pregnancy and motherhood questions in mind…

In the midst of “how old are you?” questions to May’s girls, aged four and two, sudden outbursts of…yes, the frozen songs (haha)…Choy joins in the crowd and after smouldering her nieces with love, sits down to get her hair and make up done too.

May is wearing the Caelia Top in Grey ( and Sofia Leather Skirt in Black ( | Choy is wearing Covet Erica Dress in White (

I had gone through their interview questions before meeting them and I have to say that they sound and behave exactly how their answers prescribed. Choy just like her dream date, has this wonderful sunshine romantic embrace to her. And May just like her twin sister described, really cracked us up. Not in the oh-my-god-this-is-a-celeb-so-please-laugh kind of laughter but her self-depracating demeanour punctuates the shoot with funny moments. Both sharing this strength of character that even after going through the icky parts of the modelling/celebrity industry, share a positive outlook to life and celebrates being a woman.

Sure, competition is tough when the next girl casting for the same gig looks exactly like you and also your sister!  ”There was the odd feeling of envy because we would compete for the same gigs, especially in the modelling world where people are judging you on your physique and ‘look’,” shares Choy, “I was the heavier twin and not as confident with my poses, so May scored a lot more gigs then I did.” 

But whatever tinge of envy they shared can’t stand up against the bond and love these two have for each other. “I love her to bits!” exclaims May “Everything about her! She is my twin, what more can i say?” Sibling rivalry is not worth it when you’ve got such a best friend. Having a partner-in-crime, confidant and someone to share everything and anything is something they cherish deeply. “I love her just because she’s her! There’s no one else like her,” explains Choy “I would feel absolutely lost without her.”

May is wearing Covet Regine Romper in Burgundy ( | Choy is wearing Adela Dress (

Personal Style

Despite being twins, their very different lifestyles lead to a different fashion choices. “Choy is in the corporate sector so she has ore opportunities to dress up for work and play with different looks,” says May “For me, I’m a soccer mum so I have to keep my wardrobe easy and comfortable to handle two young children.” But one thing they both agree on, is that with age comes a boldness in dressing up! “I think I’m now at the most stylish stage of my life,” quips Choy “I’m more aware about what suits my body shape and personality.”

As a mother of two adorable and beautiful girls, May makes more of an effort to dress up knowing that her girls look up to her as a role model. “I want my girls to grow up knowing that it’s ok to make an effort to look presentable and by making effort you are showing respect to the people in your company.” shares May.

Dream Date

Even though Choy will be working in Manila this Valentine’s for work, it doesn’t stop her from dreaming up one heck of a date starting with  a rich cup of espresso in Rome to brunch by the Santa Monica beach and ending it with a sunset walk over the black pebble beach of Positano! “But Valentine’s Day should be everyday, don’t  you think?” chjimes Choy. I just love this girl’s enthusiasm to dream up the biggest dream! For May, her dream date has been made true when her husband asked her to be his girlfriend and the second when he proposed. And yes, it involved the sunset, the ocean and an amazing conversation. “This valentine’s day, my hubby has promised me a romantic steak dinner which he is going to cook! He never cooks, so this is pretty special.” says May.

May is wearing the Darcey Dress in Burgundy ( | Choy is wearing Amelia Dress in Pink (

Date Tips

In the midst of trying on their favourite pieces, gushing over them and then toying with which colour to get, May & Choy are both smitten with Love, Bonito! “I absolutely fell in love with the label at first sight!” exclaims May “First of all the quality of the workmanship is impeccable, the designs are fashion forward and most importantly the prices don’t break the bank! It just shows you don’t have to spend much to look like a million bucks. So any dating tips from one happily married mom/wife and a gushing bride to be? “Be yourself completely, if he can’t accept you for who you are, move along.” shares May. Wise words indeed. With this, we leave you with a sound reminder from Choy, “Love should be a daily expression, especially in actions.” So start today!

May & Choy are both represented by BEAM Artist Management. With a few exciting projects in the pipeline for 2014, the sisters are looking forward to each day as it comes. Or as Choy puts it, “Sometimes the opportunity comes knocking when least expected!”


Chinese New Year Make Up Session

You’ve got your favourite Love, Bonito frock for visitation, now it’s time to have a little fun dressing up! Together with the make up crew and products from VDL cosmetics, we’ve created an easy make up tutorial that you can try yourself.

Keeping it simple, with first-time make up users in mind, we’ve put up two looks – a natural look (Au Natural) that gives your face a lovely glow then amp up the volume for a dinner party with our second video for a more glammed up look (Oh Glamour). In 3 easy steps, you can turn your Au Natural look to Oh Glamour, shimmy into a new outfit and head out for a great time!

Look 1: Au Natural
Love, Bonito x VDL – Chinese New Year Make Up Tutorial Special #1

Au Natural – Written Instructions & Products Used

  • Step 1: Prepping the face
    • Lumilayer Primer, $36 –First step of makeup, apply a thin layer over the whole face for a natural dewy effect.
    • Satin Veil Primer, $36 – Thinly apply on areas with any fine lines or uneven surfaces to smooth out the skin texture.
  • Step 2: Applying the Foundation
    • Perfecting Last Foundation, $40 – Apply evenly on the entire face with this medium coverage foundation
    • Locking Pressed Powder, $45 – Using a Powder Brush or the puff (included in Locking Pressed Powder), set the foundation with the pressed powder.
  • Step 3: Tidying the Brows
    • Festival Brow Pencil, $12 – Align the pencil from the inner corner of your brow to the centre of your nostril vertically, this is where your brow should start. From the corner of the nose to the outside of your pupil should be where your arch begins. From the corner of your nose to the outer corner of your eye should be the end of your brow. After filling in the brows, use the spiral brush attached at the other end of the pencil to go through the brows and blend the colour.
  • Step 4: Creating the Natural Eye Makeup
    • Expert Color for Eyes (Eye Shadow Quad) Limited Edition, only available at all VDL store in February 2014 – $58 Use the lightest colour to highlight the whole eyelid including the brow bone. Use a medium brown to create a natural look by applying on the lash line and slowly blend upwards.
    • Festival Gel Pencil Auto 901 Dark Night (Black), $28 – Draw a thin, neat eyeliner on the lash line to define the eyes, making sure to fill in the gaps between the lashes as well.
    • Festival Gel Pencil Auto 101 Cosmic Flower (Light Pink), $28 – Draw a silver eyeliner on your waterline to create a wider and brighter eye look.
    • Eyelash Curler, $10 – Curl the eyelashes before applying mascara to give the eye a lifting effect.
    • Eye Bomb Mascara, $34 – Apply from the roots of the lashes and slowly move towards the ends in a zigzag motion. For a more intense look, repeat the step and re-apply a second coat.
  • Step 5: Blushing up
    • Festival Mineral Blusher (Love Mark) 109 Fall in Love, $28 – Mix the two parts of the blusher and apply on the apple of the cheek for a subtle shimmery effect.
  • Step 6: Final touches on the lips
    • Festival Lip Gloss Satin 101 Roxanne, $24 – Use the pointy edge applicator to draw delicate lines on cupid’s bow, and its fitting surface allows even application.

Look 2: Oh Glamour
Love, Bonito x VDL – Chinese New Year Make Up Tutorial Special #2

Oh Glamour – Written Instructions and Products Used
Heading out for a night party after a day of work or family visiting? Intensify your natural makeup look with these easy steps.
  • Step 1: Intensifying the eyes
    • Festival Mineral Eyes (Love Mark) 901 NY 34th Street, $26 – Add-on the shimmery black eyeshadow at the outer corner of the eyes on top of the existing eyeshadow to create a more dramatic look. Ensure the colours are blend well for a gradient effect. Apply a little on the outer corner of the lower lash line for a complete smokey look.
    • Ready Action Pen Liner (Sponge Type), $15 – Create a more intensify look with a liquid pen liner. The sponge tip allows easy application for a neat line even for beginners.
  • Step 2: Faux Lashes
    • Festival Lashes (03), $12 – This handmade pair of falsies create a natural volume to the outer corner of the eyes for a cute and feminine look.
  • Step 3: Redefining the lips
    • Expert Color Lip Cube 501 Out Bloom Limited Edition, only available at all VDL store in February 2014, $35 –  Complete the makeup with a luxurious, matte and long-lasting lip color for a glamorous look.

To get your own VDL cosmetics, head on over to their online store at or visit their store fronts at the following outlets:

VDL Suntec City #02-338/339  Tel: 6837 3442
VDL Bugis Junction #02-21  Tel: 6337 9362
VDL Bedok Mall #01-35  Tel: 6844 9318
VDL Jurong Point #01-02 Tel: 6794 3561


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Midnight Magic

A Christmas Lookbook by Love, Bonito.

Photographer: Shavonne (
Make Up Artist: Gerra (


She’s the Fashion Muse

She is stylish and sartorially confident. She is the Fashion Muse of the century.
Here are our Top 4 Style Icons we will be covering this season.

Boho Sunday: Nicole Richie


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Let us know who are some of your favorite style icon this fall!


LB Warehouse Sale

Back with a bang, mark your calendars for Love, Bonito’s Warehouse Sale this year! With up to 400 unique designs up for grab, find great deals from our past collections, as well as unlaunched numbers too!

*One Raffles Place is formerly known as OUB Centre

Gather your girlfriends and see you at the sale!


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A big THANK YOU to those who came down for our Warehouse Sale! We look forward to the next :)